New packaging for 1854 herbs & spices 40cc tins. This Argentina based brand has created a premium edition for their products. This is a high-end line of spices with a new presentation. The company introduced its new line at the SIAL’08 Paris exhibition with great success. It is sold actually in Spain and Argentina. The premium line, consists of 10 varieties, among which are the chimichurris (a local typical combination of herbs and spices) and the Andes ají molido (a local chile ground), as well as garlic, ginger, paprika, sesame and mustard seed. 1854 herbs & spices is certified Kosher and is sold in food and gourmet stores.
The 1854 herbs & spices are carefully selected products packaged with care to give the consumer quality, taste and flavor, merging the experience of prominent experts in spices with creativity and innovation. The new label developed by Estudio Clara Ezcurra with shiny black background contrasting with bright and metallic colors, gives the product a high quality finish and a innovative look. The design combines very simple non conventional associations for each spice with a silhouette made to identify every product. The main idea was to translate with some humor signs of universal culture which addressed a diversity of locations, cuisines and regions: the Andes, the Pampa, southern and northern Argentina and other places and cultures from which the goods are original.