Łódź Design Festival







I was invited to participate at the Łódź Design Festival with posters to fit the concept of human identity.

Lodz Design Festival has grown to be one of the major design events in East-Central Europe. It presents different faces of design including industrial design, arts and crafts design, graphic design, architectural design, service design and fashion design. It brings people together who respond to challenges with an open mind and commitment, and who have the courage to design and make a difference.


It started as a formal exercise, to gather and combine the listed elements in some emblematic recipes. To find the unique geometry and colour combinations for each dish in flat compositions.

I live in Argentina, where immigration has made us this blended human mix, with food remaining as an important part of the original cultures.

My recipe’s ring binder folder has piles of recipes. Some recipes come from friends and relatives that no longer exist, or have been lost in my past. But many dishes survive fashion and time.

These endless combinations of elements in food recipes give form to these posters.

Clara Ezcurra